June 4, 2020

Stuart & Rebecca

Main Camera

Ronan McKernan

Second Camera

Declan McKernan


Stuart and Rebecca


The Culloden Hotel

I remember the day when Rebecca contacted me for the first time. The reason for this is it stood out against all the other enquiries I have had received.

This is because she was the first inquiry who didn’t simply ask, are you free this date? She instead started by telling me how much she loved my work and how she could feel my passion. She explained how she loved to work with new businesses (this was our first year), and she wanted us to be a part of her wedding day. She told me about her and Stuart, how they met, and what they liked as a couple. It was honestly the most refreshing thing and I immediately wanted to be the one to tell their story.

It is all too often that as a supplier I feel the couple’s decisions are more led by price than getting someone they absolutely love. This was one of the first times I did not feel this. Stuart and Rebecca truly planned their perfect day, every detail was perfectly selected, and you could tell. As a creative, I love to have lots of little details to capture, and with this wedding, I was spoilt for choice.

Stuart & Rebecca

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