Each Moment in Perfect Detail

We specialise in capturing the beauty in each and every instance. From the shores of the Giant's Causeway to the Mountains of Mourne, Broductions will ensure that the moment is not missed, and the memory not forgotten.

We offer an array of services ranging from wedding and event videography to landscape portraits and family photoshoots. We arrange the scene and find the light so you can simply live in the moment. Who said taking photos needs to be stressful?


Firstly, Hi I’m Ronan, the main creative driving force behind Broductions.

Where it started… It’s a question we get asked a lot and one that I think is very important. I want you to know that I don’t do this because it makes me money, I do it because I fell in love with photography and videography!

A few years ago I was travelling through Canada and wanted to capture some photos while I was there, I asked my brother Declan if I could borrow his camera and he was nice enough to say yes. I quickly realised that for the duration of trip, the camera never left my hand. I took photos all day and when I went back to the hotel at night, I tried to learn everything I could about editing them. This was my first time using a professional camera and I’ve never put it down since.

When I returned home I came up with the idea to make a promotional video for a project I was working on at the time called Volume Control. Although I had no experience whatsoever of videography, I quickly fell in love with it and consequently decided to study Moving Image Arts for A-Level. From here, I got my hands on my own camera and started finding any opportunity to take photos, with Declan and I taking day trips anytime we could to capture a new location.

Fast forward a few years to my final year of A-Level when I got the opportunity to capture two weddings and decided to defer my university offer and take a gap year. I spent this time focusing on my passion for photography and videography and hence Broductions was born.

Since then I have been the creative driving force at Broductions, constantly finding new places, people and objects to capture and new ways of doing it. After shooting my first two weddings it became clear to me that this was where I wanted to focus my attention and I knew I had to try and convince more couples to let me tell their story. And luckily, I found exactly that. Through motivation, dedication and a little bit of luck I have had lots of other business’ and people trust me to create amazing content for them and I continue to do this every day. I feel so overjoyed to say that Broductions is now my full-time job, and I can confirm that what they say is true, If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.

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