July 20, 2020

St John Ambulance – Covid 19 Training

During the lockdown, we at Broductions decided to do as much as possible to help those crucial workers. As well as working behind the camera we are also volunteers for St John Ambulance, so it seemed that the easiest way to help out would be through this. We put our camera skills to work creating videos and photos helping volunteers remain on top of their training during this time of social isolation so that they are ready for what may come. We have created many internal training videos and even some promotional photos which can be seen below as our division worked alongside The Northern Ireland Air Ambulance (HEMS) in some training. We are very proud to be volunteers and were happy to be able to put our skills to use to help this organisation in a time when they were needed most. We built a new professional relationship that we will continue to grow as we do more work with them in the future.