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We fell in love with getting to tell the story of each couple on one of the most important days of their lives!

It’s not easy to capture love in a video however we feel that we are really portraying the emotion of each couple with honest and relatable videography that will capture your memories for years to come.

We use high-end equipment to capture quality, cinematic footage of you on your wedding day. When watching each video, you will laugh and maybe even shed a tear as you feel the emotion.


Each wedding is unique so our service is bespoke but our typical packages are...



Our Silver Package is simply a 5-7 minute video comprised of the highlights of your day accompanied by music and voice-over. This package is designed to give the most memorable moments of your wedding pieced perfectly together so they may be easily shared with friends, family, and social media.



Our Gold Package extends upon the Silver to include, not only a 5-7 minute highlight video but a 30-60-minute feature film. This is designed to give a more complete picture of your day with extended snippets of the vows, speeches, and first dance included, as well as other important moments captured throughout your big day. With this package we have greater freedom to personalise your video, so you have more of what matters to you included, while maintaining our modern, artistic style.



Our Platinum Package includes everything that you could imagine for your wedding video! We will start a few months before your wedding day with a warm-up adventure session, this will allow you to get used to working with us and being in front of the camera. From this, you will receive a selection of photos and a 1-minute preview film. Next, for the important part, your wedding videos. You will get everything that the gold and silver package provides, a 5 -7-minute highlight video, and a 30 – 60-minute Feature Film as well as our 1 Minute Preview Film Delivered 24 – 48 hours after your wedding. All of this will be delivered on a personalized USB making for the perfect keepsake for many years to come.

We can only accept, travel to and film so many weddings in a season, so we love to make sure we’re a match.


\"You forget little details but the video helps keep them in your memory\"

Broductions did my wedding video last year and it was absolutely amazing! 1 year on and I absolutely love looking back at my videos and I honestly can't thank Ronan and Declan enough for capturing all of the incredible moments throughout our day. If anyone is considering a video I would highly highly recommend Broductions. If you think a video might be outwith your budget I would say to try and fit it in somehow - you will not regret it. You forget little details but the video helps keep them in your memory. Thank you

Chris & Ciara | The Ballymac Hotel


01. Where do you cover?

We are based in Belfast, but we are more than happy to travel anywhere in the world with special rates for destination weddings. If you are getting married somewhere cool, hit us up!!

02. Do you charge for travel?

We have inclusive free travel within Northern Ireland. When it gets outside of this we will start to charge. This sometimes can include a hotel room for the night- a wedding day can be up to 16 hours for us so a long drive home just wouldn't be safe.

03. Do you use a drone?

The short answer is yes. But we are only able to use it on a clear day when there is little or no wind. We also can't fly in built-up areas. however, we love to use drone footage so if we can work it in we definitely will.

04. Do we have to wear a mic?

Getting clean, crisp audio is one of the hardest parts of the job. We want you to be able to enjoy your video without struggling to hear any part. To allow for this we will generally put a small lapel mic on the groom and possibly the celebrant, but never the bride. If you've watched any of our previous videos you've probably never even noticed it so don't worry!

05. How many cameras do you have?

TOO MANY. As well as photography being our job, we are also big nerds and love cameras. This means we always have lots of cameras which is great because we have spares in case something goes wrong and a camera breaks. However most of the time the maximum number of cameras we will have rolling is 3. This means we won't miss a moment during your ceremony.

06. Who picks the music?

Selecting the right song is one of the most difficult parts of editing. Finding that beat that matches or the lyrics that make sense can take hours. All of the music that we use we pay for, this means you can share it as much as you like without worrying about copyright.

07. What happens if you get sick and can't come?

Luckily this has never happened, however, with everything going on with Covid-19 this is more important than ever. We are lucky to be a part of an amazing community of videographers so we will normally be able to get your wedding filmed in an emergency. We never want to leave you high and dry!

08. Is there just one of you?

Generally, we always shoot as a pair, however, sometimes this isn't possible. I will let you know ahead of time what to expect and don't worry you will always get the same coverage. If you want a guaranteed second shooter to cover a separate venue or moment, we offer this too.

09. Do we feed you?

Yes please. While you are eating this is the first break we will get all day, and even then this is when we start to back up and edit. If you can get us some food away from you and your guests this would be perfect.

10. How do we receive our films?

Unless you have purchased one of our personalized USB's you will receive your films through a link where you can download them as much as you want.

11. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, our deposit is £200. After this, if you want to pay off your wedding in the weeks or months before the day just let us know.

12. We want to book you, how do we do this?

Awesome, we are glad to hear it! The easiest way to get in touch is through the contact form here on the website. Just click on "Contact us" below.

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